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Munroe Bergdorf Got The Best Gift From Victoria Beckham

This Pride month we’re celebrating phenomenal women like Munroe Bergdorf. Obviously, Munroe Bergdorf can mark this year’s pride month as the best one since her transition. Recently the influencer gushed over the gift that she got from the Spice Girls’ very own Victoria. Yep. That’s right. Victoria Beckham sent Munroe Bergdorf a large bouquet of flowers.

Munroe Bergdorf
(Munroe Bergdorf/Instagram)

The activist didn’t waste no time to show-off her amazing gift from her childhood (still even now) idol. She shared her excitement with her followers on Instagram expressing her gratitude. That perfectly pure smile tells us all the details about how she was feeling.

Munroe wrote:

“Flowers from a Spice Girl on #Pride!!! My inner child is screaming. Thank you so much for the roses @victoriabeckham, they’re beautiful! Happy #Pride2020! However you celebrate, be safe.”

I mean Duh! It’s literally a dream come true to receive flowers from someone like Victoria Beckham. Anyone will die for a gift like this one. Even if it means getting a mere ‘hi’ in the DMs from Victoria Beckham, one will take a screenshot and save in the achieve.

So I guess it’s safe to say that Munroe Bergdorf is the luckiest being in this Pride month. I truly envy her. Although it has been a long month already, Munroe is showing no sign of slowing down. The founder of Goddess platform has been using all her social media platforms to raise awareness on subject matters.

And for me personally that’s what being an influencer is all about – being involved and vocal. If you’ve probably visited her Instagram then you know what I’m talking about.

Recently the model has rejoined L’Oreal  after been fired back in 2017 for her racial comments. However the new president of the cosmetic giant company issued a public apology. This came after Bergdorf criticized the company for supporting the BLM movement following the killing of George Floyd.

Since then, peace has been made between the model and L’Oreal. And so Bergdorf will be part of the company’s diversity board.

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