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Nikita Dragun Looks Like A Work Of Art In A Print Jumpsuit

Nikita Dragun has been conquering social media regardless of the effect of quarantine. Instagram has seen lot of content creators’ engagement dwindle lately. But Nikita just keep on going strong.

We love the content that she has been sharing with us. From makeup to fashion tips, these are the things that she has been serving us. And God, we couldn’t be more grateful. The socialite is known to have this sassy sense of style. While others might refer to her fashion as wardrobe malfunction, we like to it confidence. So let’s talk about what Nikita Dragun wore.

Recently, the Drugun beauty founder shared a pic of her on Instagram wearing a show-stoppingĀ  jumpsuit. And she left many of her fans wagging their tongues. The artistic piece hugs her curvy body perfectly showing all the assets. What we like about the jumpsuit is the unique printing and color that doesn’t compete with the color of her skin.

Nikita Dragun Instagram photo
(Image: Nikita Dragun/Instagram)

She captioned the post: “darling, ur a work of art…not everyone will understand you but the ones who do…will never forget about u,”

The printing depicts a person that looks more like a religious figure. The texture must be quite stretchy as it fits her like a clove. Overall, the masterpiece appears to be a see-through which is an ideal for someone with a flooding confidence. Underneath she wore a white underwear and it doesn’t scream much against the color of the jumpsuit.

The structure of the bodice is like a waist training underbust tight shaper. It makes her cleavage pops out nicely. Even though Nikita Dragun looks like she’s having a hard time breathing, she’s definitely rocking it just fine. The jumpsuit is a winner, the nude color and the structure.

Obviously, the beauty vlogger and businesswoman will keep these kind of pics coming throughoutly. For more inspiration on beauty and fashion, don’t hesitate to join her 6.1 million followers on Instagram.


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