Nikita Dragun's fantasy
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Nikita Dragun’s Fantasy Left Many Wagging Tongues

Nikita Dragun’s fantasy is everybody’s recent obsession on Instagram. We are all familiar with what the mother of dragons is made of. But quite frankly, the Nikita Dragun’s fantasy has left us speechless. For that reason we’re hoping that Norvina takes all the credit since she helped to create the look.

It’s still unclear what Nikita was promoting with her fantasy creation. But something tells us that is was one of those days that the hottie woke up feeling so extra. It’s no secret that when Nikita is feeling all confident she likes to flaunt her situations to an excessive level.

However we’re uncertain if her fans are able to handle the level of intense sexiness she serves. As for us, we definitely can handle more. So if you want to see some real Fantasy, babe here’s your chance.

Nikita dragun's fantasy
(Image: Nikita Dragun/Instagram)

The series of snaps features the Dragon beauty founder wearing a glowing green costume along with a matching wig.

Nikita Dragun's fantasy
(Image: Nikita Dragun/Instagram)

The show-stopping corset includes transparent plastic edges making it the best fun costume to wear for a fantasy photoshoot.

Nikita Dragun's fantasy

With a very dramatic makeup like this one, she certainly looks like a superheroine in one of our imaginary comics stories. As usual the Nikita Dragun’s fantasy was accompanied by a lengthy caption.

Nikita Dragun's fantasy

Nikita Dragun wrote:

“They can never dim my shine. Let your soul glow bb. All my life I’ve been told I’m ‘too much’ ‘too extra’ ‘too extra’…it took me so long to realize that was their way of trying to limit me cus they couldn’t compete. I’ve been in this industry for years and can’t count the amount of times I have tried to fit in or be like everyone else…Nikita is going to be mf NIKITA. So I’m telling U to be U. They gonna hate u regardless. Sometimes you gotta break before you shine…haha that was a glow stick jock lo. For real I’m not asking anymore…I’ll ask for forgiveness NEVER permission to be who God created me to be. Thank you to Norvina and the abh team for creating this fantasy shoutout to the Haus of Dragun the best glam team in the world…”

Ok. Now using the colorful Nikita Dragun’s fantasy, she’s making it known that nobody can dare dim her sparkle. Clearly it’s another random photoshoot wherein she speaks her mind in plain English.



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