Nqobile Khwezi

Can any of you give me a reason, just one valid reason why we shouldn’t be obsessed with Nqobile Khwezi? I bet none of you can convince me or everybody on social media that Nqobile Khwezi isn’t the It Girl of Instagram. As usual, Nqobilwe Khwezi took to Instagram to cause a stir with her beauty, body and sense of fashion. And I couldn’t help but to bring it to this site to commentate about her.

Lately the lifestyle influencer has been inundating her fans with skin glow goals. Whether she’s posing in a body suit or a dress with a dangerous high slit, we all still feel the heat. It seems like Nqobile Khwezi has gravitated towards FashionNova to upgrade her style to another level.

The fast fashion brand is known to dress millions of girls around the world. And anything that is deemed trendy on Instagram is definitely from FashionNova or any other popular fast fashion brand. Of course many women ought to turn to FashionNova for so many reasons. But two of these reasons are that new designs are released weekly and customers get featured on the official IG page

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Nqobile Khwezi is now one of the ladies who proudly call themselves FashionNovaPartener whenever they adorn the brand’s pieces. She left so many of her followers breathing through the wound when stunned in a high slit maroon dress from FashionNova. She complimented the dress with a pair of black Saint Laurent heels. But what stood up the most for us are her accessories.

Nqobile Khwezi
Instagram: Nqobile Khwezi

Nqobile Khwezi wore a silver thigh chain on the side where the slit cuts high as well as hoop earrings. Leg chains are literally growing in popularity among lovers of body jewelry and Nqobile might have just shown many people how to rock them. She even went on to proclaim herself as Miss 007 and we couldn’t agree more. Well that’s because, she looks suitable to be in Bond’s arm.


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