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Olivier Roustein Gifts Kylie Jenner With A Balmain Dress For Her Birthday

The rewards of having designer friends are totally worth it. I can say that again because Olivier Roustein just made us wish if we had him as our friend. Like Anna Wintour said, she doesn’t carry suitcases when she travels to big cities like London and Paris. Well, that’s because people like Olivier Roustein, the ones she calls her friend are always ready to take care of her closet. Now it seems like Kylie Jenner is slowly joining Anna Wintour’s club. It’s only a matter of time for luxury brands designers to vie to dress her whenever she’s in town. The thing is, the media mogul has done so much with her brand. It wouldn’t be astonishing if we woke up one day to learn that Kylie doesn’t spend money on clothes anymore.

Olivier Roustein is known to have a cordial rapport with the Kar-Jenner sisters. We’ve seen them together couple of times during Paris fashion week. Olivier Roustein dressed the famous sisters with latex outfits that they ended showing off on the streets for the cameras prior to Balenciaga show. So it’s obvious that Olivier has the sisters’ best interest at heart when it comes to fashion.

Earlier this week, social media witnessed another birthday of Kylie Jenner. Honestly speaking not  even the president’s birthday becomes the talk of town like Kylie’s. But it’s certainly because the makeup mogul is loved by many people around the world. As usual lots of gifts from her successful friends and acquaintances started coming in and she didn’t hesitate to give us a glimpse. While most of us might’ve expected a lavish birthday party, this year the influencer decided to do things differently.

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Olivier Roustein decided to send Kylie a show-stopper dress from Balmain Resort 2021 collection. The orange mini dress is embellished with many colorful crystals and makes it look more playful. Kylie stunned the dress and tagged Olivier Roustein just to let everybody knows that she was grateful.

Olivier Roustein

“Thank you my love @olivier roustein for the most perfect dress.” Kyle captioned the post.

Olivier Roustein

Indeed, it is the most perfect birthday dress a girl could ever wear. It’s design entirely correspond with the birthday spirit. The youngest member of the Kar-Jenner clan took a series of snaps and shared them on her IG account. And if you’re wondering how she spent her birthday, this year she opted for simplicity. The businesswoman took her model sister Kendall Jenner and her bff Stassiebaby and together they jetted to the Turks and Caicos.

The three have been inundating our feed by posting breathtaking vacation snaps. It’s quite impressing how Kylie insisted on claiming her summer this year regardless of qurantine. Meanwhile Olivier Roustein has been living his best life and his friends. All the proof can be found on his IG. The designer took a trip in Ibiza and in his recent video clips we can see him enjoying cruising. I guess after all the choice is yours to decide how you want your 2020 summer to be like.

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