EL Carna

Here’s Our Top Picks From EL Carna Gallery

We can’t discuss about the new age art without mentioning EL Carna. He is an upcoming artist that every art lover should pay attention to. His work is mainly influenced by what we can call melanin beauty. EL Carna knows how to portray black models and ensure that their traits stand out as they are.

He is a Ghanaian artist and if you’re interested in his work you can purchase the art prints. Carno has an online store called Kafful and the good news is he ships worldwide. His work is of great perfection, perhaps we might call it African Disney.

He has a vivid way of painting his imagination and by just a single glance there’s lot of impression. Quite frankly, we fell in love with EL Carn the very first day we scrolled down his Instagram feed. In celebration of Carna’s work, we have decided to pick few of our favorites. But it was never easy to make the selection.

EL Carna painting of George Floyd
(Image: EL Carna/Instagram)

We’re starting off the list with this masterpiece here. EL Carna is paying tribute to George Floyd with a very emotional and touching art piece. We love the fact that you can make up your story by staring. The print is named DaDa. EL put out fourteen prints for free and they got claimed in five minutes.

Warrior princess

This African warrior princess checks all the boxes for us.

Artistic hairstyle

Magnificent blond hair like flames. How creative this is!

EL Carna

Afro styling on another level

EL Carna

The blue color shade makes this masterpiece super perfect

EL Carna

Hello sweet melanin

Cute painting

Isn’t this portrait dark and lovely?

Angel artwork

Super spiritual

EL Carna

Beauty is a superpower

EL Carna

We call this fierce and loveliness

Did you like our top picks of Carn’s work. Let us know down on the comment section what you think. Also you can check his Instagram account for more art.

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