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Quarantine: List Of Five Things To Do On Weekend

Stressing about weekend wish list? Don’t worry we’ve got a list of activities you want to try. Everybody loves the weekend like a charm. Most of the time we tend to make plans even before the week ends. In just a span of two days, women can actually do a lot. We step into the weekend with a full wish list bucket. However right now things might have changed for the rest of us. We’re all dealing with a global health crisis that requires some behavioral change and if we can all make an effort we’ll quickly go through this.

So while you might be sitting on your coach praying for things to go back to normal or maybe staring at your phone not knowing what to do. Here’s a list of things that will keep you occupied all weekend.


woman doing yoga

Staring at your wall all day long might be kind of depressing especially if you’re not used to being indoors. But then again this self-isolation period has brought us some bad eating habits.  Active and intense styles of yoga helps to burn the most calories in your body. You can do yoga just anytime, remember you have the whole day to yourself. Whether you are used to starting off your day with yoga, this time around you might just wanna try wrapping up the day with yoga. It wouldn’t hurt to shuffle your schedule.

Netflix And Chill

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Usually Netflix and chill is the number one habit that life couches tell you to let go if you’re trying your chance to be successful in life. But then again things have changed. You’re being offered a once in a lifetime chance to watch Netflix for as long as you want to without feeling bad about. Nobody can judge you. It’s your way of staying safe at home and entertaining yourself at the same time.

Read Books

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There are plenty of books to choose from if you want to try reading. For starters, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can join the Bookbub it’s a number one site that offers it’s subscribers daily deals of free eBooks. There’s plenty to choose from, trust me.

Drink Wine

Red wine

A glass of wine can be a cherry of top of whatever you’re doing. Pick your favorite bottle and relax on the coach and indulge in some me-time experience. You really need this time to reflect on yourself without worrying about deadlines at work or at college.

Cook/ Bake


This is the right time to search for your family’s old recipe book and do what you can with it. Since most restaurants remain closed for the duration of the lookdown, you can pamper yourself with some of your best home-cooked meals. Eat as much as you want and satisfy your appetite but don’t forget to wake up everyday and do yoga.

There you have it ladies. There’s actually many thing that can be done during quarantine rather than feeling depressed. Trying new little things might help keep your mind active and save you from mental health issues. You can also add to the list activities that you feel like I forgot to mention. Stay Home and stay safe.



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