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Recent Photos Of Malaika Terry Left Us Wagging Tongues

Malaika Terry checks all the boxes when we talk about girls with striking looks on Instagram. Hence we call her the whole snack. Malaika Terry has been making big waves on Instagram with a following that’s close to a million. So it’s only a matter of time for her to reach the million spot and we’ll be there to witness it. Recently, the Canadian beauty shared some snaps of her in nothing but very lacy underwear and we approve.

At the age of 24 the influencer has made quite a name for herself. She offers great content making her Instagram account worthy to scroll down to her archive. The young beauty hasn’t been shy to flaunt what she has and she’s been serving us nothing but body goals. Now how’s that not great content worthy to tap the heart? Well check this out.

Malaika Terry wearing underwear
(Image: Malaika Terry/Instagram)

Sitting on the floor, which is of course her favorite pose Malaika Terry is wearing a light blue lingerie from Lounge underwear. She’s in her bedroom, looking fabulous in her curly hair and natural face. Literally, makeup or no makeup, Terry’s looks are ravishing.

Malaika Terry
(Image: Malaika Terry/Instagram)

If there’s any perfect way to pose in sexy underwear, we totally dub these snaps as unfiltered perfection. She is showing us all the assets. I mean, where does she gets all the confidence. Perhaps she might share with us so that we can share with you. How’s that sound? Perfect, we know.

Malaika Terry
(Image: Malaika Terry/Instagram)

Besides posing and posting great content, Malaika Terry is a musician. She has been consistently working on her music throughout quarantine. Well, that explains her acquaintance with Canadian rapper Drake. Actually, we all know that Drake has an eye to identify young talent.

Despites all the rumors about them no longer being in good terms, we hope one day they reunite and work on good music. Can you imagine Toronto sound? Damn, that will totally be a hit on the charts.

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