Robyn Fenty sets the bar real high. Honestly speaking Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna’s sense of style is one that I can never have enough of. The turned-business woman is very unapologetic when it comes to her taste. She can just put on anything that echoes her current mood. And perhaps that’s why her sense of fashion is deemed limitless. Robyn Fenty (that’s what we like to call her now) is very focused when it comes to bridging social gabs. Recently she has expanded her Fenty empire with a skin care range called Fenty Skin. And so far we’re so enthralled with the packaging and the fact that Fenty Skin recognizes no gender.

The songstress has been featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazar magazine for the September issue. Meanwhile both Robyn Fenty and the magazine team have given us a glimpse of her photoshoot. Goddamn! Everything speaks for itself but most importantly I couldn’t stop talking about one or two pictures. Definitely Rihanna knows how to take the trash out in style.

Well if by any reason you think bathrobes and oversized slippers are the kit for taking the trash out, I say you need to reconsider it. Our girl Rihanna has just trail blazed a new style that many women would soon consider as the new thang. The world might still be in quarantine but that doesn’t mean people like Robyn Fenty don’t dress up fashionably to empty their indoor bins.

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Robyn Fenty

TheĀ Kiss it betterĀ crooner adorned a black bikini from her Savage X Fenty line with silk sheer stockings. The pair of Amina Muaddi shoes act as the highlight of her kit because of the bright pinkness. Also she looks rather dazzling with a loose Artifact NY vintage t-shirt and Gasper gloves. The fashion icon knew how to accessorize her look with Fenty glasses and Yvan Tufenkjian choker with Amwaj necklace at the bottom.

I’d swear that her recent photoshoot has inspired some new quarantine style that will prevail even when quarantine is over. I guess that explains why she has garnered many accolades for her style. Robyn Fenty is indeed a fashion icon.


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