It is wise to set goals before you are thirty, be it short-term or long-term. To other women this deadline helps to influence their pace towards reaching those goals. Let’s face it, so much is happening in your twenties that you don’t even have time to self-reflect. Apparently, the decisions you make in your twenties will determine how you thirties will be. And of course, most women usually dream of success in their thirties. For instance I tend to dream of motherhood and marriage when I hit thirty, knowing exactly that I’ll be financially stable.

However I know it very well that financial stability will be possible if I grind in my twenties. So my goals is to do everything I can to ensure that in my thirties I’m able to chill. For those of you who don’t know yet what kind of goals to set, I think I may be helpful anyhow.

Below I’ve listed six goals that I totally believe that every woman is eligible to set and achieve. Bear in mind that I consider these goals to be flexible for a woman who needs to enjoy her peaceful thirties.

Start a company

Literally this is one of the wisest goals I’d recommend for every woman who is not yet thirty. I must say that being your own boss is something that you’ll cherish for a long time. There are so many important aspects about life that you can acquire. And you’ll be able to implement them in your thirties and upwards when life start to be challenging. You know what I’m talking about, mid-life crisis.

I’m telling you that you’ll be thankful for achieving this goal. You’ll be one of the few women who are not complaining about their 9-5 job. You’ll have all the time you need to focus on other things such as growing.

Have multiple streams of income

Thinking of starting a company being a big step? Well, at least try having multiple streams of income. In your twenties you’re exposed to lot of material comforts. With the rise of social media, it has almost became a necessity for a woman to own luxury things. However your single income will not be able to fund all that kind of lifestyle you desire.

Have a side hustle that you focus on late at night. You can also start considering reading blogs about investment so that you’ll at least learn how to grow your money. Just try few things that at the end of the month will make you receive multiple salaries.

Stay fit

There are stereotypical beliefs that being fit necessarily means being slim. I don’t thing any woman deserves to live under the pressure of losing weight simply because of being shamed. You can be a plus size and still manage to stay on a very healthy diet. The size of your body doesn’t always mean that you’re unhealthy.

Staying fit is literally one of the beneficial goals you’ll forever thank yourself for. Health experts have proven that there are many health issues that women tend to face in their thirties. So in order to prevent that, you should start making adjustments to your lifestyle.

Be confident

Yes even being confident is a goal that you need to set before you reach thirty. In the entire decade of your twenties that’s when you need to undergo some serious self-awareness. This is the stage wherein you make peace with your flaws and embrace your imperfections. You might not believe it now, but your low self-esteem can have a negative impact on your relationships.

Although becoming confident isn’t an overnight success, at least try every single day. It should start with how you feel about yourself. Remember that self-approval alone can outweigh lot of negativity about your image.


There are so many wonderful places around the world waiting for you to discover them. Keep in mind that you don’t travel only because you need a break from your work. You can indulge in different cultures and form lifelong relationships with people you will meet.

You’ll be amazed how your horizons will broaden when you realize that every place of the world has so much to offer. You should enjoy solo travel before you’re old and finally settle down. That’s because some things in life requires you to experience alone before you can share them with anyone.

Have a permanent property

Renting a place at the age of thirty is a big No, neither you should be living with your parents. You must have your own place that you call home. Quite frankly I’m not a big fan of waiting to get married so that you can have a permanent property. Ladies not everything is dependent on men.

You should enjoy doing things by yourself. That’s independence in simple plain English. Even if it means buying an old property at a low cost, you can always flip it to feet your taste.

Quote of the day

Many more decades of financial freedom begins with a single decade of grinding non-stop.

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