Sveta Bilyalova is reclaiming back her life and making the most out of the little time she has. And I can’t help to envy how she is doing it in the most breathtaking place of the world. When it comes to travelling Sveta Bilyalova is no stranger to it at all. As a matter of fact she lives for it. Actually she has become the citizen of the world without even realizing it. Just as we all though that covid19 has ruined all our plans for this year, it seems like we’re given a second chance.

For people like Sveta Bilyalova who are always on the flight from one place to another, y’all can imagine how hard it was for her. I’m going to say it and I’ll say it once and for all. Indoor living isn’t for everybody. Content creators are used to living their lives out there mingling and serving whatever it’s hot. So it’s no secret that Sveta Bilyalova’s life was a long-occurring nightmare in quarantine. Perhaps she spent her hours scrolling down her phone looking for some dope TBS pics.

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However as of now Sveta Bilyalova is a free bird and guess where she landed…Greece. Home to the most fascinating Greek myths that you probably like to hear about – the environment offers pure rejuvenation. And of course I wouldn’t think of another place to recover from covid19 trauma than Greece. The blue ocean that surround almost the entire area can give you an indescribable feeling.

The Russian bombshell shared some mouthwatering pics of her vacation and left many people wagging their tongue. In the first pic she can be seen indulging in the blue swimming pool that echoes the clear blue sky. She is braless covering her boobs with her hands as she poses coyly for the camera. The background is an impressive tor that lacks the greenness of the grass.

Sveta shared the pic with her 6 million followers on Instagram. In the caption she got candid about how she’s using her time for her travel plans.

Sveta Bilyalova

“I’m just grateful that 2020 didn’t fuck up all my traveling plans only 90%. Making most out of 10 now.”

The lifestyle influencer is refreshing in Mykonos before she decides to hit another destination. The island of Mykonos is best known for it’s vibe especially in summer attracting many people all across the world. One can literally enjoy some of the best parties in dance clubs that attracts world class DJs. Other than partying from dusk to dawn in the middle of the Aegean sea, you can stop by at the beach. I swear you’ll take full admiration of the tranquil beaches and white historic buildings around.


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