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Take A Virtual Tour Of Otternes Bygdetun In Norway

A virtual tour around Otternes Bygdetun will certainly take your breath away. Before we get into melting details, I just want you to be prepared of what you’re about to experience. I must say that Otternes Bygdetum isn’t for the faint-hearted. Surely you might want to board the plane to Norway to visit the Otternes Bygdetum after reading this article.

Apparently It’s everybody’s wish that things can go back to normal. Whilst you sit in your comfort zone staring at your phone, I hope this virtual tour brings you solace. You might want to know that you aren’t alone in this situation. Although you may often think that you’re stuck alone in this disastrous year, rest assured that we’re with you.

As you scroll down your phone and stumble upon this piece of writing we only hope you get what your searching for. And that is Hope. So brace yourself for an unforgettable tour in Otternes Bygdetum that will linger in your mind for days.

Norway is undoubtedly the best country that offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for modern indulgence or historic experience of the 18th century, they got you covered. Otternes Bygdetum is situated between Auland and Flam in the Vest country.


The historical place consist of cluster collective farmyard that has be untainted regardless of the long period. It is believed that the first settlement dates back in 300 A.D. Some of the oldest buildings are estimated to have been build around 1700 making each cluster full of historic imaginary stories. These buildings are Guttormstova and Eilertstova.

Evidence shows that Otternes Bygdetum originally consisted of four farms. They were called Odda, Tomas, Anders and Guttorm farm. Apparently, since 1996 there haven’t been residents living in Otternes.

Virtual tour

Otternes Bygdetun

The entire place is characterized by buildings from the 18th century. Exposed woods and rusty rooftops give us the evidence of the the clusters’ existence.

Otternes Bygdetun

These immensely beautiful mountain views in all sides are worth admiring every second you take a glance.

Otternes Bygdetun

One of the amazing clusters is overlooking the tranquil lake that curves between the mountains.

Otternes Norway

Green grass on the rooftop, this old farm will definitely snatch your breath away.


Astonishingly the entire old farm of Otternes is the perfect picturesque for travel influencers.

Did you enjoy this virtual tour? Please leave your comments down below. You might as well add Norway to your travel wish list for when things go back to normal.



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