The new Jordyn Woods throwing shade at somebody on Instagram? Well I’m still on the mission of connecting the dots. I thought I was the only one that suspected that Jordyn Woods is throwing shade in her latest posts. Fortunately I’m not the only one. Clearly the model is living her best life, but what most of us didn’t know is that she’s been developing some attitude. Quarantine? Definitely we all ought to put the blame on quarantine. I mean, this isn’t the Jordyn Woods we all knew.

But anyways it’s not like I’m hating on what she’s becoming, which is of course a definition of I-don’t-give-f**ks. I really love that a lot. It’s just that I’ve been buying myself some time to acquaint myself with the new Jordyn. After all who am I to judge? Honestly Miss Woods is giving me chills. So I really don’t want to get on her wrong side.

Lately, the model has adorned us with racy pics that left us wagging tongue. I’m speaking on behalf of her fans as well. She can be seen wearing a very sexy piece holding cherries, which of course in the emoji language means something. But enough about that.

New Jordyn Woods
(Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

Jordyn Woods gives us a spicy personality about her that none of us imagined. Captioning her post with simple words, Jordyn really raised lots of eyebrows.

She wrote:

“If you took me for granted, that’s a shame.”

Her mom, Elizabeth Woods commented “Internet not ready for the heat coming.”

New Jordyn Woods
(Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

First of all momager and Jordyn have been cooking something in secret. Secondly, I know that she was literally shading somebody. Some fans are speculating that the new Jordyn Woods must be throwing shade at her former bff Kylie Jenner.

It can be possible thinking that this isn’t the first time. Remember when Kendall Jenner went on a road trip with Jordyn’s ex. The model quickly took to Twitter to share her reaction. And trust me when I say it wasn’t nice at all. The sad truth is that none of us know who took her for granted. But I have a feeling that Jordyn Woods is bringing a storm with her and we better learn how to weather it as of now.



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