Three Covid19 Essentials You Must Have For Protest

These three covid19 essentials are a must-have if you’re considering to join the protest. We are currently dealing with two pandemics at the same time. Covid19 might be something new, but racism has always been around. For over 400 years black people have been the most disadvantaged  race. From discrimination to slavery, black people have always been the easiest target. But now we say enough is enough for systematic racism. Get your three covid19 essential and go out to make your voice heard.

Protests have erupted in many streets around the world. The killing of George Floyd was a wakeup call to many people to see what black people are going through. And if you want to weigh in on the Black Lives Matter movement, you will need these three covid19 essentials. We want justice and at the same time we must stay safe. So here’s your must have three covid19 essentials.

Face Mask

Three covid19 essentials
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Don’t forget your mask at home. Masks are the highly recommended essentials for covid19. If  you’re leaving the house you’re going to need it to cover up your mouth and nose. Although, bandanas are also used to cover up the mouth and face, they’re aren’t effective as face masks. Besides, you really don’t need to take chances especially when you’ll be in a crowded environment. Take your clean mask and go fight for justice. Your voice matters.


Three covid19 essentials
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The second of our three essentials is a sanitizer. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine my life without a sanitizer during these hard times. Crowded environments can make you prone to infection. No matter how careful you are, you’ll always end up touching infected surfaces. So you’re going to need an alcohol sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

Cloves can also be ideal, but to many they can be uncomfortable. Always remember that even gloves will need to be sanitized regularly since you’ll end up touching your face.

Your own bottle of water

Three covid19 essentials
(Image: Pixabay)

Protesting under the sun all day long can cause exhaustion and thirst. Also chanting will make your throat dry out. You gonna need your bottle of water. You cannot share it with anyone and that’s why it’s important in the first place. Keep the bottle in a safer place like your bag so that it isn’t exposed to germs.

There you have it folks, your three covid19 essentials for protesting against systematic racism and injustice. This movement is for every human in this world. We need to fight for equal rights for all. No one deserves to be treated unfairly because of the color of their skin. Stay safe and Win this war.

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