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Tomi Lahren Says Athletics And Celebs Are trying To “Appease The Mob”

You must be totally living under a rock if you don’t Tomi Lahren. While we may have many female influencers dominating the beauty/fashion niches on social media, Tomi Lahren isn’t one of them. The blonde is doing things her own way and she’s isn’t afraid of what you might think of her. Tomi Lahren is what we may call a conservative in the new age of politics. Surely, this young lady is breaking barriers. She continues to modernize what politics in USA means and why women should also be involved.

Her controversies

Unlike the Kardashians that are known for insane publicity stunts, Tomi Lahren is known for her controversial views on racism. While the passing of George Floyd might’ve stirred things around the world causing everyone to stand against systematic racism, Tomi hasn’t been one of them. As a matter of fact the political commentator is more concerned about the police officers that protect the neighborhoods and local businesses amid riots.

Clearly, she isn’t educated about police brutality that continues to happen in the USA. Or should I say she’s ignorant perhaps? Whatever her views are, we’re here to talk about them. Recently, Tomi Lahren threw a shade at celebrities and athletics for their support to the BLM and Pride month riots. She doesn’t support any of those movements, because she’s opposed to protests.

In a Tweet Tomi wrote “It’s very odd to watch these athletics and celebs fall over themselves to appease the mob. We might not have much for sport this summer but the Oppression Olympics are going strong!”

Although Miss Lahren’s tweet might’ve accumulated close to 400 retweets in less than five hours, others had questions for her. One of her followers asked her a “genuine question” demanding to know why she’s always miserable. Funny thing is that even Trevor Noah thought so back in 2017 when he interviewed her on The daily Show.

Another follower called her out for not wanting other people with a platform to speak out against police brutality and racial injustice. However it seems that amongst her fans, there are those who agree with her views. Folks, Tomi Lahren is concerned about not having sport this summer.

But we can’t say we agree with her views though.

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