Understanding The Context Of Black Lives Matter(Here’s Everything To Know)

Back in the days the Black Lives Matter movement used to be attended or supported by black people only. However things are changing and looking up this year as many are starting to realize that Racism still exists. And so the Black Lives Matter is here to end the injustice and racism once and for all.

Black Lives Matter
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Believe it or not, George Floyd’s murder last week was a wake up call to the world to start changing for the better all of people regardless of their race. Celebrities and influencers have taken to their social media platforms to discuss the injustice in USA. Apparently, police brutality to people of color isn’t something that has been happening in America only.

Black Lives Matter
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In other parts of the world such as Europe, Australia and Asia black people have been secluded in society. They have also been denied the privileges of being humans in this world. It has been 400 years since black people were fighting racism with no luck. And 2020 might be the beginning of social reform.

The background of Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded back in 2013 in America to advocate the lives of black people around the world. The movement holds protests about police brutality and systematic racism that black people still face everyday. In most parts of the world, we may believe that there’s freedom and democracy but black people are still far behind.

For so long it has always been about black people only fighting for their rights while other races were ignorant. Perhaps they didn’t understand what people of color are going through each day. Children were shot by police and the media didn’t do anything about it simply because of misunderstanding the black community.

Understanding the #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter
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This year it has become crystal clear to everyone that black people are still oppressed. Thus every person is using their platform to influence the government and people in general to change their old ways. In 2020 it’s no longer about black people fighting on their own. People of other races have joined in as well to fight racism. However when the #BlackLivesMatter is used on social media, there’s lot of misunderstanding.

Some people who are not of African descendant insists on saying all lives matter. When influencers raise awareness on the #BlackLivesMatter, others oppose it with their own #AllLivesMatter. And I truly believe that’s because even right now they still don’t get the bigger picture. The BLM is not intended to minimize the value of other racial lives. But it aims at equalizing the standards of living for all races.

The injustice that black people face

  •  Black people are brutalized and deprived of simple rights by police.
  •  Being black still poses lot of threat to police officers because they believed to be violent.
  •  TV and other media outlets portray people of color as violent and loud.
  •  They are still discriminating them based on the color of their skin and as a result opportunities are limited.
  • The justice system is designed to disadvantage them rather than protect them.
What’s to learn about the #BlackLivesMatter

The only way to be supportive of your fellow black friends is simply by identifying the injustice is brought to them always. Black people don’t have the same privileges as white people. As a matter of fact, black people have been the easiest target when it comes to discrimination and racism. Always bear in mind the color of their skins limit the opportunities they can get.

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