Boxy Charm October 2020

I can only imagine the excitement that all the beauty lovers felt when they finally received their Boxy Charm October 2020 Base Box. The truth is the makeup subscription has made things a lot easier for everyone. Imagine receiving a surprise box every month. It’s more like getting a birthday gift on monthly basis with all the makeup goodies you love. What I’m truly certain of is that Boxy Charm only partners with the beauty brands that produce high quality products. So there’s nothing much that might give you second thoughts if you haven’t subscribed yet. The Boxy Charm October 2020 Base Box has already set the mood for many beauty lovers.

It’s the spooky season, and so the makeup should align with the mood. Thankfully the Boxy Charm October Base Box has a variety of goodies to get you started with your pre-Halloween look. So obviously what you’re dying to know now is what’s in the box. Don’t worry because I have all the insights for you. Without further ado, let’s unpack the Boxy Charm October 2020 Base Box and see some of the variation.

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Boxy Charm October 2020


The first variation of October’s Base Boxy for non-premium charmers¬† includes:-

  • Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Miracle mist setting spray
  • Beauty Bakerie Makeup Breakfast in Bed eyeshadow palette
  • Luxie Beauty Wanderlust brush set, or
  • Dose of Colors Meet your Hue concealer in 30 shades. So it’s up to you decide whether you’d like to get the brush set or the concealer.

Boxy Charm October 2020

The second box include;-

  • Murad Skin Care AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser
  • Pretty Vulgar Nesting B***h face palette, and
  • Solde Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Tinted capuacu lip butter

This looks good and you can always choose from the variation. As for the premium subscribers here’s what they’ll get in their Boxy premium.

Boxy Charm October 2020

  • Go To Skin Care Exfoloating swipeys
  • Murad Skin Care Hydrating toner
  • Kosas Kosasport lipfuel
  • Illuminati Cosmetics Illuminati x ISA eyeshadow palette, and
  • Laura Geller Beauty Fifty Kisses lip locking liquid color

There you have it boxy chamer lovers. This month there’s variety of boxy goodies you can choose from. But for the premium charmers these aforementioned beauty brands have been included in their box.


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