Veronica Ferraro has decided to be vocal about her gratefulness for summer days. Despite 2020 being the oddest year we’ve ever since in this century, people like Veronica Ferraro are still trying. Honestly this summer is nothing like the previous ones we had. But at least we’re making the most out of it and that’s way better than not trying at all. With travel restrictions being lifted in some parts of the world, it’s safe to say everybody is back on business. I guess influencers like to refer to their travel habits as business. So it is what it is in their language.

Grateful for these days

As for Veronica Ferraro, it’s clear that she’s been adapting quite well in quarantine. The influencer has been sharing snaps of her fabulous lifestyle on Instagram and everybody kept on double tapping. Judging from those pics it’s obvious that lockdown restrictions have been lifted in Italy. And so Veronica Ferraro took the advantage of the situation to reclaim her summer vibes.

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In her most recent pic, Veronica Ferraro can be seen chilling in her swimwear. I must say that’s the kind of summer mood we’re all desperately looking for on Instagram. For some of us, this pandemic has left us traumatized. And so when we see Veronica Ferraro serving bikini lounging goals, we get totally inspired. But after all that’s what she’s all about. Her lifestyle content has been a brainwave that inspired many ladies.

Veronica Ferraro

Taking into account that she’s good friends with Chiara Ferragni, it explains why she tops the list of Italian influencers. The two have occasionally appeared on each other’s feed, reminding us about friendship goals. Now it all makes perfect sense why Veronica is so grateful for these days. She’s surrounded by positive people while she’s enjoying her summer season to the fullest. I don’t see any other reason why she shouldn’t be.

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