Vogue Hong Kong like any other Vogue versions worldwide never disappoints when it comes to selecting the cover girl. It’s easy for me to say that they keep such a very observant eye for the ideal face that graces their cover for each and every issue. But I must say that for this August issue, Vogue Hong Kong has really set the bar high this time around. With Kylie Jenner being their cover girl it’s hard to decide which one is lucky between them. I mean let’s face it, Kylie Jenner has finally mounted to the peak of what I call social media domination.

The socialite has shockingly surpassed her older sister Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram following. Kim is wildly popular for being the selfie queen, having influenced social media users with her selfie techniques. One would admit that they definitely saw this coming – Kylie Jenner snatching the social media queen status from her sister. After all, it’s not like the two sisters are competing as it may seem. Anyone who’s been keeping up with the Kar-Jenner clan will confirm that sisterhood means everything to the popular sister.


Vogue Hong Kong has united with other 25 versions of Vogue to celebrate the voices that speaks real change in the society. This August all Vogue versions will be paying tribute to wonderful figures who navigate and influence positive change in the world we live in. For their #VogueHope portfolio, Vogue Hong Kong has opted for a poetic photo of the sunrise. Well at least to them the picture of the “sunrise represents hope at the beginning of a new day”.

Vogue Hong Kong

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The August issue of Vogue Hong Kong is clearly for boss babe. With a two-words tagline that says Act Now, this issue truly stand as an encouragement for all women to boss up and claim what’s rightfully theirs. Kylie Jenner is discussing her marvelously successful career and her entrepreneurial journey that turned out to be the best thing in her life. There’s plenty to grasp in this issue than you can ever imagine. And for all the women who’re grinding tirelessly, I believe that Ms Kylie Jenner might have all the motivation.

The mommy entrepreneur is rocking an absolute elegant yet sexy attire from Yves Saint Laurent winter 2020 collection. Speaking of which, you know it right that I wouldn’t conclude everything without touching on the fashion that most of us feed on.

Vogue Hong Kong

The Yves Saint Laurent winter collection has by far exceeded my expectations. Anthony Vaccarello who’s the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent has mastered every piece to depict bold women. The use of faux leader, especially in rich dark colors proves that the collection is aimed at awakening the bold alter-ego in every woman.

The cherry red faux leader dress has long sleeves and a very dangerous slit that cuts all the way up to her thigh. Thank God Jill Jacobs knew how to complete Kylie’s look with knee-high black faux boots. I like the fact these boots are so shiny and funky. Thus this entire outfit was put together by Jill Jacobs because in their own words it ‘shows a young woman’s strength and tenacity’.


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