If there’s anyone who knows how to get us hooked with her looks, it’s undeniably Bby_cai. Even today we’re still struggling to connect the dots. There’s something so special about Bby_cai. We just don’t know yet, but soon we’ll be able to tell the mystery.

Bby_cai had so much to do this week and we can tell that through her feed. She has wished her dad a happy father’s day and also went on to let her followers know that she’s trying to change the world. Bby_cai has been one busy-bee that advocates BLM on her platform. And we can tell that she’s still on that subject with her recent post.

However it seems like when the hottie isn’t busy with art or playing cricket, she pose around for killer-snaps. We can affirm that she’s totally good at it. Since Summer is already here Bby_cai will take the honor of reminding us whenever she shares a post on Instagram. And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Recently Bby_cai shared some very insane selfies on her Instagram and we feel so blessed to be following her.

Bby_cai recent selfie
(Image: Bby_cai/Instagram)

She is showing us all her natural details that make us want to check her with a big tick. She is unapologetically flaunting her brown skin and we’re so jealous. Her signature face that she gives when she poses is super sultry.

(Image: Bby_cai/Instagram)

A moment of admiration for this bubbly face. We still feel the effects of her charm even when she opt for a smiley face. The truth is she’s adorably cute and we can’t help how we feel about that.

When she shared the posts captioning them “Just wanna brighten your days,” we were so thankful of her thoughtfulness. We just hope she’ll keep these kind of snaps coming all summer-long.


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