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Winnie Harlow Rocks Dreadlocks And We Love The Look

Winnie Harlow is known to be open to new things. As a matter of fact Winnie Harlow is always willing to explore her taste be it in style and fashion. Her most recent dreadlocks look is one that caught out attention and we’d like to discuss it. Allow us please!

Throughout quarantine we’ve seen her in couple of snaps on Instagram slaying her braids like nobody’s business. But when  we saw the dreadlocks it arguably became our business. In her recent pictures on Instagram, we can see her flaunting the length of her dreadlocks. They look perfectly shiny and ideal for cool girls like her.

Winnie Harlow is one of the people who’s social life was affected by the pandemic. Surely, staying at home for hours with no where to go was quite frustrating. And we totally understand that for someone like Winnie, quarantine life was more like imprisonment. Considering the fact that she’s always booked and busy and travels the world, we can easily say that her life belongs on the runway.

Winnie Harlow
(Winnie Harlow/Instagram)

Fortunately, with the lockdown restrictions being eased in some of the states, Winnie isn’t holding back when it comes to claiming her life back.

Winnie Harlow
(Winnie Harlow/Instagram)

Few days ago she was seen with a friend enjoying lunch. Interestingly she had to remind us that it was an official one by captioning it ‘luncheon’. The model was wearing white outfit that partially matched her friend’s. So we can easily confirm that the girl on the block is back at it again. Socializing is indeed bringing a big grin on her face and we’re just so happy for her.

Hold up there’s more…

Did Miss Harlow just raided her man’s closet? Okay. Why are we even probing in the first place while she has confirmed it herself.

Winnie Harlow
(Winnie Harlow/Instagram)

Yesterday the Victoria Secret model posed in black oversized t-shirt and green pants with black stripes. Accessorizing the tomboy look she opted for some bling on her writs and neck.

Clearly her beloved boyfriend Kyle Kuzman must be wondering who robbed his closet. But it’s a good thing that she came forward on Instagram before he looked any further.



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