All hail to the young queen! And that’s Zendaya conquering the world without any limits. From the moment she made a cameo in Beyoncé’s All Night music video, we just know that she’s coming for what’s hers. And yes, day in and day out Zendaya continues to make an everlasting mark in Hollywood. The reason is that, after everything is all said and done what’s left will be the legacy that people will remember. As much as Hollywood still remains biased, Zendaya like other black women is advocating diversity.

Recently Fortune magazine has released its annul list of 40 under 40 influential people. And guess who made the list? Our girl Zendaya secured herself a spot on the list alongside Beyoncé and Huda Kattan. In a world that is still gender-biased, all the women who made the list prove that there’s enough room for the female tribe. However the only thing we have to do is grind until we own it.

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Zendaya is known to be vocal about anything that doesn’t serve her right. From back in the day when she was still a teenager, she has always been candid about her feelings. Unlike most women who camouflage in order to avoid critics and be accepted, Zendaya’s voice has worked for her.

It’s no wonder why she’s such an inspiration to thriving young women like Yara Shahidi. I bet you remember her speech back in 2016 when she presented Zendaya with her Glamour Women of the Year Award. And if one can put Zendaya and Yara Shahidi in comparison, you’ll fathom that they’re all on the same mission. They might not be walking the same pace on the same lane, but the mission is to empower women of color.


With that in mind, it absolutely make perfect sense why Zendaya is dubbed one of the most influential people in the world. Also the Euphoria actress use all her social media platforms for the right reasons. Although one might judge that her feed is filled with only a documentation of her modelling life, at least that’s authenticity.

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Need I remind you that the rapid advancement of social media in our lives have prompted lot of fakes. Not everything you see on social media is genuine. However, for the likes of Zendaya filters doesn’t really influence them that much. Hence she doesn’t see any reason to alter herself in the name of millions of likes.

Right now I guess it’s the right time to warn everybody about Zendaya. This is the decade that we’ll see her snatching prestigious awards left and right. And probably whatever she touches will be an inspiration to a young black girl out there.

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